What Are The Different Types Of Electricians?

It might be a surprise for others to know that there are actually different types of electricians and that they differ because of their specialization. Knowing about their differences would help you call the appropriate one in case you faced a problem or an issue. Calling the right electrician would ensure that your problem is dealt with specialists that are trained and licensed to fix whatever electrical concern you have.

There are residential electricians, commercial electricians, journeyman electricians and master electricians. Knowing who specializes in what would make it simpler for you to scour the directory for the right professional to call.

Residential Electricians

From the name itself, residential electricians deal with homeowners’ electrical concerns. They are specialists trained to install and maintain wires and electrical cables in homes, apartments and other residential buildings. Becoming a licensed residential electrician requires studies and hands-on work experiences. Dealing with residentials’ electrical concerns still involves extensive training since risks of fire, electrical shocks and even death are very likely if the electrical systems do not work properly. Residential electricians are mostly responsible for installing and repairing wirings, switches, power outlets, among other things.

Commercial Electricians

Similar to residential electricians, commercial electricians are called as such because of their field. If residential electricians are concerned with residential buildings, commercial electricians deal with commercial buildings. These electricians plan an electrical system that abides by local or national electrical codes. They are also in charge of installing conduits and electrical wirings, ensuring that these wires are not interfering with any other systems. Commercial electricians are responsible for the power, lighting, heating and cooling system in buildings. For those planning to pursue a career as an engineer, particularly electrical, being a commercial electrician is an excellent steppingstone. With the experiences you already had as a commercial electrician, it would be easier for you to transition to that of an engineer.

Journeyman Electricians

Journeyman electricians are trained to install and deal with multiple electrical systems that are used in residential, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and establishments in the manufacturing industry. A journeyman electrician is a skilled tradesman. Most of Melbourne’s leading industrial electricians are trained to install and replace not only lighting control systems but motor controlling tools, heating systems and building automation systems that control the building’s energy usage.

Master Electricians

Master electricians are called as such because of their skills, knowledge and experience dealing with complex electrical systems. They are the best among all electricians, and they spent years honing their skills as a journeyman electrician and achieving master electrician licensure before they are able to be considered a master electrician. Not only a significant rise in wages, master electricians are also often in charge of supervising other electricians.

With this in mind, knowing which type of electrician to call when you are in the midst of an electrical dilemma should be easier. Electrical repairs are best left to the professionals because of its dangerous nature. Knowing what kind of electrician to call is the first step to resolving your electrical problems and the second is ensuring you found a good and reliable one who is certified and guaranteed to get the job done.

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