Ways Of Building A Healthy Work Relationship With Your Co-Workers

Maintaining healthy, good relationships with the people you work with are important in order to build your career and ultimately find satisfaction in the job you do. In order to develop such positive work bonds and relationships, you must be able to communicate effectively, be open to listening and respecting your co-workers. Moreover, building a positive work bond with co-workers also involves some compromise and getting to know them genuinely as individuals as everyone is different and will have different points of views. Here are some steps that you can take in order to create a positive work environment around you.

Communicating Effectively

In order for a good relationship to form between two or more individuals, the foundation must be solid communication between each other. Good work or personal relationship relies on open and honest conversations whether it is done via email, or face to face or through the phone, communicating effectively is a lasting habit that one must learn. Some points to consider for example are choosing your words effectively. Keep in mind that the key is to clearly articulate your points based on facts and what you know so that it avoids any confusion about expectations or goals. Also, make sure to listen actively and pay attention when someone is talking.

Appreciate Diversity And Differences

Whether you are just starting a job or are in the higher management with plenty of experience, something that is important to understand is that everyone you meet is different and each person will bring a different attribute to the work environment. Whether it is a permanent or portable office hire, try to focus on people’s positive characteristics even if you may not be used to their type of attitude or style of work.

Develop Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is how you treat others and exhibit respect towards other co-workers, this is, in turn, will make them reciprocate that same respect towards you. Be sincere and try to find ways that help you appreciate your co-worker’s contribution to the workplace, even with a simple compliment.

Being Mindful

Practicing a deeper level of self-awareness is important in our day to day lives when facing certain things in life. You must pay close attention to the words you say and your actions. Most often, speaking out of anger or emotional outbursts without thinking will often be damaging and have long-lasting consequences on your work relationships without you even realizing it. Think about the words you say before you speak and your actions before you act upon them. Take a break if needed, ideally 30 seconds for every hour. Take this time to reflect on how your day has been so far and how you plan to spend the rest of the day or your next challenge. This will not only give you more clarity on your situation, but it will also help you be more in control and show a more calm and collected attitude to everyone you work with. As a result, you will be able to build a positive and healthy relationship with co-workers around you.


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