Tips for Using Concrete at Home as a Beginner

Concrete is used for many applications in construction. Its durability and ease of use are one of the reasons that it is chosen for many purposes. They can also be used to furnish certain things outside the house as well such as creating pathways, ledges etc.

If you are interested in doing some work around the house on your own, you can look at Easy Mix as an alternative to mixing the concrete percentages on your own. This way, the ratios come in pre-mixed so you don’t need to worry about making any errors. However, if you are carrying out a larger renovation that requires structural alterations, that is best left for professionals. You can also get the advice of a professional when you are doing small modifications in the house or outside the house so you know the right method. You can create home furnishings such as countertops, tables etc. with concrete and you can even create a patio with good instructions. You need to inspect the concrete work you have done to see if it requires any patching up. Concrete is prone to discolouration with the weather.

In addition to making a smooth finished concrete, you can look at how you can create different textures on the surface. You can use wooden planks with different grain patterns to make a texture on the concrete. If you want a smooth finish, you can use metal formwork. There are also things that you can add like crushed stone, sand, recycled concrete etc. that will enhance the textured finish of the concrete. There are paints and stains that you can use with concrete as well. Paint will be able to provide coverage while filling up cracks on the surface while stains will give colour that is long lasting as it penetrates into the material. However, the coverage of stains will not be as good as the paint. You can add any pigment you like to the concrete so that you can create unique patterns on the floor and make surfaces look interesting. Make sure that you match colour according to what is available in the context so that the concrete surface doesn’t look out of place. But if this is your main focal point, you can go for a unique and contrasting colour.

You can also use varnish on the concrete surface and this will give it some protection from water and you will be easily able to wash off any dirt that accumulates on the surface. There are epoxy sealers and penetrating sealers. Penetrating sealers will last longer but you may need to re-apply epoxy-sealers on the surface after a few years depending on the usage. You can use this in areas that are exposed to water such as countertops and patio furniture. Concrete is very versatile so you can use it in many areas of the house. There are many DIY videos that you can watch when carrying out a project as well.


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