Tips for Creating a Comfortable and Fun Workspace for Your Employees that will Boost Productivity

Take Down the Walls and Create an Open Floor

The days of boxed up office spaces and crammed up cubicles are long gone; and good riddance! Nowadays, employers are more interested in open floor plans that help them oversee the whole office; which inevitably also encourages interactions while working. Depending on the nature of your business/work, and how much space individual employees may need to comfortably accomplish their tasks, we suggest opting for either long tables, or clusters of tables; both suitable for seating multiple employees.

Little Nooks for Relaxed Working

If the nature of your work is highly stressful or demanding, it’s important that you help your employees de-stress in between tasks. Creating a relaxing area, a coffee nook, or even an area to stand and work (for those tired of being seated for long hours) is a brilliant idea. Try to arrange these nooks so some of it sits against windows; making sure your employees get a little sun time.

Use Colors that Promotes Comfort, Alertness and Creativity

Instead of the dull beige and grey most workspaces use, consider selecting brighter and more cheerful colors. Yellow, orange, blue and green for example are great colors to have around you while you work. These colors could be on the wall or floor; or even splashed up by furniture of décor.

Floors that are Fun to Look at

Make your floors fun to look at and perhaps even feel fun! We understand that wooden floors look stylish and professional, but we still love using carpet squares to create unique floors for offices; giving it an instantly comfortable feel. Alternatively, using patches of artificial grass indoors is a fun concept as well…!

Make Your Signs Fun and Creative

Instead of having the formal sign boards put up around your office, consider making your signs fun and unofficial. Use a Melbourne signwriter for this purpose. This includes your outdoor sign, indoor sign, and even the sign that says “employees only”. You may feel it takes away that commercial look from your building, and you’ll be right. But your employees will definitely love it!

Be Very Specific About Light

Light plays a large part in work getting done faster and creating more productivity. The light in an area also affects your creativity level. These are the reasons why it’s vital to make sure there is plenty of light streaming around your employees’ workspace. Be warned though; over bright lights can affect the eyes and make your employees develop a headache¾ hindering their productivity. If and wherever possible, make use of natural lights for best results.

Seeing to the Comfort of Their Backsides

Finally, make sure their seating arrangements are comfortable. Ideally, you should try to find seating that they can use for long hours. This means seating that supports the back and neck. Like we mentioned above, if your employees regularly spend long hours on a task, they might feel uncomfortable to be seated for long; so try to arrange for different types of chairs around the office. You’ll find that the more comfortable they are; the faster works gets done from their end…

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