The 3 fundamental methods of influencing supermarket customers

A supermarket is a place where different people spend different durations of time fulfilling their basic needs and wants. Thus, being in the supermarket business can grant you a fortune as long as you know how to influence potential customers.

Although there are countless methods of advertising/marketing/influencing potential customers to lure them in, all of them can be categorized into three major areas. Via these three methods, you can make the market better and sell better.

Via digital media

In a background where we’re rapidly moving towards a world of alternative reality, the power of digital media is stronger than ever. Almost all of us spend considerable time on social media and that’s exactly why social media really is the pinnacle of digital media. Hence, it’s always a better choice to hire a social media marketing firm to do all the designing, publishing, and monitoring for you. This would surely allow you to showcase why your supermarket really is the best amongst the rest.

Via in-store influencing

When a customer walks into a supermarket or a mall, they have a specific set of purchases that they will definitely do. But what matters is what lies beyond that. There have been several studies conducted to test the impulsive buying habits of customer-based via two methods; the first one is the tactical placement of products. In this method, you understand the interconnected use of each product and place them close enough to the eye level, so the attention goes there easier.

The second one is the point-of-sale influence. The simple idea is such that, when a person thinks they have done shopping and reaches the counter, the supermarket wants to make the final attempt by placing special offers, limited time offers, and basically anything that is quite easy to grab, that doesn’t break the bank of the customers. The accumulation of the units within a day would always have a massive impact on the overall sales.

To do this, you must identify the pathways the customer moves towards the counter and place the chosen products for the easiest reach with an extra reason to buy them. The presenting of products for POS marketing should be done quite interestingly so that any person would turn their head. The design and implementation of point-of-sale marketing are most effective when done with the assistance of professionals, but not just any marketing consultants but companies who specialize in point-of-sale marketing.

In addition to that, you can always use the interior architecture of the supermarket to help customers navigate via isles of different needs, and this would increase the sales just as much as point-of-sale improvements.

Via anonymous influencing 

This goes without saying; some companies are now investing in both online and offline influencing where their ultimate goal is not to market themselves but give fundamental reasons where they become the prime choice. That in turn rules out the competitors that are subjected to be chosen.


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