Qualities to Look for In A Good Strata Manager

A strata manager specializes in the day-to-day management and operations of jointly owned properties, such as an apartment block and other similar establishments. They are the ones who will implement the owners’ rules, plans and anything that involves the common property. Strata managers work together with the owners in order to maintain, manage, and control the property properly.

His responsibilities range from budgeting, enforcement of rules and regulations and even regular maintenance of the property. Although the owners can always request the strata manager on how they want things to be done, there are still key characteristics that every good strata manager possesses. Here’s what you should look for when planning to hire a strata manager for your property.

Great Communication Skills

Communication plays an important part in managing almost anything. Strata managers should always stay in contact with the property stakeholders to be sure that all their orders are well implemented that’s why choosing the right company is essential to manage this for you. A good strata manager should have exceptional communication skills to be able to handle everything perfectly. He should also display transparency in communicating with the stakeholders.

Aside from that, approachability is also essential for him to communicate well with the people within the property. Since he needs to conduct gatherings and meetings from time to time, he should seem approachable in order for him to gain the people’s trust and communicate easily with them. Once an open line of communication is present, there are lesser conflicts within the building and the management itself.


Aside from great communication skills, another essential characteristic of a good strata manager is accountability. He should be able to respond immediately and resolve issues effectively as much as possible in order to manage the property properly. The stakeholders can rely on a good strata manager in terms of handling administrative duties and setting priorities to be sure that everything is done at the right time. A good strata manager takes accountability and sees to it that the property is safe and protected.


We all know that experience is the best teacher. This holds true even for strata managers. The more experienced a strata manager is the better service you could expect from him. Years of experience and practice makes a strata manager more knowledgeable on what to do depending on certain circumstances since he could have faced that certain issue before.


Aside from experience, one should also look for a qualified strata manager to be sure that their property is well taken care of. Managing a strata property is not an easy task that’s why it is essential to choose one that is fully qualified to do the job. Aside from license, check also if the strata manager has undergone training in this field and if he possesses the core characteristics needed for the job.

Looking for the best strata manager for your property requires time and effort. However, it is definitely worth it once you got the right one.


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