Lutheranism – why Lutheran schools?

What is Lutheranism?

Lutheranism as you may well know is a protestant denomination under Christianity that recognizes the teachings of Jesus Christ that was founded by German reformer Martin Luther, in the 16th century. Lutheran schools are found all around the world, concentrating in the states, Australia, Ghana and such.

Lutheran teachers teach driven by the calling of the Holy Spirit.

If you’re a believer of God’s calling, it makes all the difference, surely, then you’re absolutely correct! The dedication of teachers of Lutheran school Brisbane is displayed through earlier arrivals, stay long after, and notify you whenever your tot displays unusually ecstatic behavior or upset emotions, visit your house for dinner, pray with your child, and worship alongside your child in chapel.

Why stick to the ordinary when you can choose to be secular?

Most public schools have minimum skills tested that are generic to evaluate students and teachers. They are not reportedly the best seeing as how the results haven’t been too determining of much else other than generic topics.

Most Lutheran schools don’t stick to any kind of state testing systems, which is very liberating to the kids and teachers alike, from all undue added stress. This then would allow teachers additional time to focus on how well the kids understand what’s taught.

Lutheran schools mean you are part of a very cultured education history.

Lutheranism has existed for years now. Lutheran schools have been educating children for many generations. The teachers that are educating your child are not just singular entities but a part of a closely together circle of excellent teachers. These teaching personnel gather to share and discuss teaching techniques, share their faith, and inspire those with them. These schools have lasted so long for this reason.

Of course, most vital of all, the gospel!

Generally, childhood revolves around growing mentally, developing physically and academically as well. But children have numerous questions about the faith, the Bible, they want reassurance in how to follow their faith, pray about a sick relative, a family member, and they enjoy singing songs about Jesus. This means spiritual growth is basically just as important as the other aspects of growth.

Lutheran schools care very gently and deeply for your child’s spiritual growth; teachers encourage students to start classes with prayer, never forgetting to teach kindness with the help of using Jesus as an example, gently helping children to understand and form their relationship with their faith.

Mostly to be noted, is how Lutheran schools teach your children the good teachings of their savior Jesus. Helping your child understand the need for forgiveness and the beautiful concept that Jesus lived perfectly in their place, died for them, and rose again for them, they help them understand how to receive the gift of eternal life.

National Lutheran Schools Week!

There’s a separate week that has been allocated a year for celebration of Lutheran schools; your children get to ditch the uniforms to dress up!

For most of you out there, that means a good almost 180 days without the fuss of getting ready in the morning!

But most of all, the Gospel of it all would be the biggest reason if any to send your child to a Lutheran school.


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