Key Features of a Wedding Venue

A wedding is a special occasion and this is when all your loved ones will come to celebrate a milestone in your life. There are many decisions to make during the planning of a wedding and one important decision is the venue.

The location of the venue

Is a very important factor as you need to make sure it is accessible by the couple and the guests. Think about your vision for the wedding and whether the ambiance provided by the venue accommodates it. The capacity of the venue has to be considered as your wedding guests should be comfortably accommodated. The layout should also be carefully looked at. When it comes to weddings there are different styles, formats and themes. You have to consider whether the layout of the venue complements the format. For example, if you are thinking about a grand reception, you need to choose a venue that will accommodate this. Consider the photo opportunities provided by the venue. Many venues will have scenic backdrops and this will highlight the event and add a special flair. Look for venues that have striking architectural features, beautiful gardens or natural landscapes. For example, a venue overlooking a lake can look so magical at sunset with the light of the setting sun being reflected on the water.

Consider the ambience of the venue

And whether this suits the overall mood of the celebration. You have to choose a venue that complements your theme and this will be supported by lighting options, interior décor and the overall atmosphere. You can also visit the venue just after a wedding or check out photos to get an idea of how the venue adds to the magic of the day. You can check how the photos have turned out and whether the time of day has a big impact on the snaps. There are also different ceremony options provided by venues. You need to check whether this aligns with your ceremony preferences. For example, some venues will have a space that is dedicated for ceremonies which can create a beautiful experience. Consider the amenities provided by the venue such as dressing rooms for the bridal retinue, in-house coordination and on-site catering. This can make your day a whole lot easier to plan. If you choose a venue that is out of town, you will need to look for one that is close to the guests’ accommodation.

Consider the catering and bar services of the venue.

You can ask about their catering options and whether they can accommodate preferences and dietary restrictions. You can also ask whether a full bar is available and if non-alcoholic beverages are also available along with signature cocktails. There are certain practical considerations such as whether the venue has sufficient parking facilities or valet services. You can also check the proximity of the venue to transportation hubs. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, having a backup plan is essential so you have to check with the venue about the provisions for this such as covered areas.


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