Ideas for Adding Epoxy Resin to Furniture

There are many furniture creations that have been made in combination with epoxy resin. And it can be amazing to have a functional element in your home that look aesthetically pleasing as well. You can easily boost the interior design of your house by adding an epoxy table.

You need to select the right epoxy resin for timber so that the final result looks amazing. Something you can do as a DIY project is to create a resin coffee table. This can add a bit of dreaminess to the space. A silicone mould can be purchased for the table top and this way you don’t need to worry about having to cut the edges. You can use different ornaments such as dried flowers, gold flakes, different coloured glitters for the table so that it gives a pop of colour to the space. If you have some timber barstools in the bar area, you can boost the aesthetics of the space by transforming them into resin bar stools. You can give a pop of colour from the resin or keep the wood natural. A layer of epoxy resin on top will give it a nice sheen and it will be easy to clean and maintain as well.

If you are a gamer, an LED resin gaming table will be an amazing boost to your gaming experience. It will look ethereal in low light and you can even add controls for the light where you can dim it or change the colours as you wish. The lighting can be controlled by your smartphone or a remote. You can have some lighting go up the legs as well or have the table top to be lit up only so that it has a floating effect in low light. And you can also modify it to keep the keyboard and set up the computer at the height you prefer. If you want to create the impression of spaciousness in a cramped office room, you can replace the office table top with a translucent resin table top. This will immediately give a new look to the room and it can be the perfect complement to a modern study area.

You can add resin to kitchen counters as well. If you are renovating your kitchen and looking for a budget friendly boost to your interior design, a resin countertop will be just the thing You can pour the resin on the old countertop and have it mimic the appearance of marble by creating swirl patterns and subtle designs. For a rustic space, you can add a bit of warmth by creating a resin table top that has live edge wood. The contrast between the natural wood and synthetic resin will heighten the effect of the table. Crystal clear epoxy resin can be added if you want to celebrate the rustic appearance of the wood. You can also add some gold flakes or drops of colour to make the table pop. If you have a large property with a recently cut tree, this can be a great way of remembering its beauty.


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