How to Dress for A Party

Parties are like the fashion shows, where you get to show off your dress sense. Throughout the year, we wait for the annual holidays to arrive, such as Halloween, Christmas Eve, and other functions either to pull off a character or to show off a dress.

However, we all experience this moment in our lives- where our closets are full of clothes, but yet empty just prior to an event. Meaning we tend to run out of ideas and outfits. As though our fashionista brain went for a break! Well, I guess this is a global issue. Hence, bearing this piece of information in mind, we have outlined a few dressing tips below. Keep reading to find out more.

Ideas to dress for the following party types

A themed party from the 90s

The 90s fashion style is all about baggy items of clothing. If you are invited for a 90s themed party- then make an outfit using these 90s elements.The mommy pants, big hoops, t-shirts, colour-coordinating separators, crop tops, circular sunglasses, and chokers are the significant highlights from the 90s.

A Birthday Party

Every now and then, one is invited to birthday parties, and each party demands a completely new look. Yet, these parties are the easiest to dress for as there no specific themes, at least in most cases. One can create an outfit using womens summer jackets, crop tops, ripped jeans, skinny leggings, shirts, or hot pants. The aim here is to dress elegantly and stylishly, yet not be the centre of attention. 

Christmas Eve party 

¬†Every year ends with a blast! Hence, you too should roll at this eve’s party. The Christmas party is the night where you let go of the whole year’s stress and workload. It is the night you party young. Perhaps, in an energetic party like this, one must strive to shine. Therefore, you must consider wearing bold colours, such as black, red, blue, emerald green- anything along with these colours is perfectly suitable for the event.

Masquerade Party

You can go crazy with this kind of event and pull out all the stops. We discussed semi formal dressing styles in the above text. The highlight of this party is the mask, so that should be your main concern. Firstly, select your accessory, in this case, the mask- and then choose your outfit based on it to complement the style.

The key here is to dress very formally, even a ballgown would do. Therefore, you can either choose a dress of the same masquerade colour or in contrast. However, keep it simple and elegant. Besides that, do not forget to wear a pair of heels. It just adds a perfect touch of sophistication to the entire outlook.

Hence, these are generic ideas for inspiration. However, some styles remain fixed regardless of the fashion or latest trends. For example, wearing above or knee-length dresses for cocktail parties or wearing a scary outfit for Halloween. Perhaps, one should always relate their dressing sense to the theme.


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