How Do You Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Work Place?

In a workplace, anything can happen. At times, you may have experienced sexual harassment. That’s why you need this article. Because we’ll be running through the various things you can do to combat the abuse you had to take.

Call the Person Out

If it’s just started, you can easily get them to stop. All you have to do is call them out. By calling them out, you bring up their shameful behaviour to light. Because of this, they’ll never want to approach you again.

You can call them out one-on-one. However, this isn’t the best move. You should think about doing so in public with your co-workers around. This will cause a scene, allowing your co-workers to be shocked, directing their anger at the person who has been abusing you. This will be very shocking, getting him or her to immediately back off.

Report Them

Obviously, you’ll want to take serious action. One of the many things you could do is report the abuser to a higher up in the company. If you’ve made a spectacle, confronting him/her in your office, someone else might report them for you.

You’ll have to speak to HR, filing a complaint. This would take everything into consideration, getting action taken towards the abuser. If the sexual harassment was very serious, the company itself might file a court case against him/her.

Take Legal Action

The company may take action against the person. However, this may not happen if the case isn’t very serious. That doesn’t mean you can’t take what happened to court.

With ease, you can file a police complaint and get the abuser taken all the way to prison if you want. However, you should know this can be a lengthy process, especially if the individual is a higher up in the company.

Because of this, you’ll need a good personal injury lawyer. Thankfully, if you’re looking for personal injury lawyers Melbourne has a huge amount, each being good at their craft.

Leave the Office

It may be hard for you to work in the office. This is as you have some pretty dark memories there. If you continue to stay, you’ll affect your mental health which is not what we want. That’s why you should ask the HR department if they can transfer you to another brand.

This can easily take place. However, you may want to start anew, which is why you’re quitting your job- finding a new one.

This step can be very refreshing and get your mind off what took place.

Take Leave

Leaving the office is a good move. However, you may not be a fan of this move. That’s why you should take some time to recuperate and relieve yourself of the harassment you had to endure.

Be sure to take days off work, pampering yourself and healing your mind.

Hopefully, the company would offer you to take leave, helping you take as much time as you need to refresh.


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