Happiness check of your cat is essential

Cats are beloved pets and have been used as working animals for thousands of years to control mice and rats, including both urban and agricultural pests.  When pet cats prey on wild birds and other wild animals, they simply follow their natural instincts.  These days cats are great pets which can be grown in houses. There are only few species of wild cats remaining in the world due to cats being prey of other animals.

One thing we can all do to combat this is to keep a house cat.  Not only is this better for wildlife, it’s also better for our cats.  Outdoor cats are at risk from predators, cars and disease which makes them live much shorter lives than domestic cats.  Keeping cats indoors is beneficial for both wildlife and cats.

We know that keeping cats indoors is easier said than done.  From personal experience, transforming an outdoor cat house into a house cat can also be a challenge. For people who like the idea of adopting stray cats this can be a great challenge to domesticate the cat. Here are our tips for keeping your domestic cat happy and healthy.


You must leave your cat outside, this is the most responsible way.  It’s easiest to start training a cat when she’s still a kitten, but older cats can learn too.  Start by tying up the cat indoors for a short time, and then reward the cat when it comes with you.  Once your cat is comfortable with the harness and leash, it’s time to give it a try.  Start slowly, walking a short distance outside and gradually increase your walking time until your cat feels more comfortable. Remember, the idea of ​​walking your dog on plaid used to be weird, but now it’s the norm.  We can do the same with cats. Cats like to walk and be active but we should give them a push.

Let your cat climb

Wild cats are natural climbers, tracking prey in trees and looking for high places.  Your pet cat maintains the same climbing instinct.  Cat trees are a great way to satisfy your cat’s craving for climbing  and they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your space and deco. You can purchase them from Loungeout. There are also many other different types of toys which may help your can’t play, this helps your cat to be active.

Let your cat go hunting

Cats are naturally curious animals.  If a house cat doesn’t get enough entertainment inside then it will get bored and try to get out.  In addition to play, you can help your cat achieve his natural hunting instinct by hiding his favorite food at home.  Freeze candy in ice cubes or use puzzles and special cat toys, and your cat will continue to work hard for rewards that provide mental stimulation.  This is the method used in most places to keep animals healthy and happy.


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