Five of the Best Jobs for NLP Practitioners

Whether you have already completed your NLP training or are planning to finish it, there are many opportunities out there for NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioners. Here are some of the best jobs that are open to an NLP practitioner.


A motivational speaker is one of the best jobs available for you. You will need to be able to communicate motivational messages or stories to larger audiences adding when necessary inspiring life stories. Most motivational speakers get hired as paid guest speakers or keynote speakers at public events, conventions and training sessions. You can even participate as a guest speaker in any NLP events Melbourne to encourage and train upcoming practitioners.


Not a fan of public speaking but still want to share your great story? Then the best option foryou is to become a writer.  Encourage your readers by writing your own personal development books. Personal development books or self-help books are now becoming more popular and will give you a larger readership than you can imagine. Choose an area where you are an expert in, whether it is to build a healthy life, to get better at your business or become successful. Since you now have the training to motivate and coach an audience, you will be able to speak right to their hearts through your book.


This is one of the most popular jobs available for someone with your training. There is no specific area that you are required to become a coach in, as long you have the right training, skills and passion to become a hard worker. It can be a business coach or life coach depending on your area of preference. Coaching is also considered as one of the easiest careers where you can incorporate what you have learned in your own training as a Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.

Counsellor or Therapist

Many practitioners also follow the path to become either a counsellor or a therapist. A counsellor is a person who works to promote mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals helping them in stress-management and self-esteem. Therapists are often skilled in a particular kind of therapy; psychotherapy or physiotherapy etc.  These jobs can easily be achieved if you can combine your NLP training with skills gained from other fields of expertise such as psychology.

Advisor or Consultant

Once you have mastered your skills and become an experienced practitioner, becoming an advisor or a consultant will not be a hard task. Especiallyif you are skilled in areas such as conflict management, marketing, communication and interpersonal skills with creative and innovative ideas, analytical and critical thinking skills, you can aim to become either an advisor or a consultant to a particular organization.

While you might think it is not easy to get a job that is not really the case. No job will be easy to get if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills and the passion to do it. But if you are a driven individual, you will be able to get any of the above jobs and perform it well.


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