Different Types of Custom Boxes

Custom box packaging is based on your company and the product your company is manufacturing and shipping. The biggest benefit of using custom boxes is that it can be customized by printing the company logos on the boxes, mottos, quotes, patterns and pictures as well. Simply anything related to the company which will market its brand.

Using custom boxes for shipping ordered products could be also mentioned as free marketing. These can be purchased in different types and designs as well. It could be selected according to the size of the product, so it plays an important role when it comes to product marketing. Now we will look into the most common types of custom box packaging.

Custom Kraft boxes

One of the most important category type of custom boxes is the Kraft packaging boxes. Because kraft is a special material that makes it different and unique from the other packaging boxes. It is 4 times thicker as compared to the other cardboard boxes.

These kind of products helps a lot in protecting expensive products because it possesses qualities like lightweight and small. Comparing to the rest of the packaging solutions, a Kraft custom box is a bit expensive. Because they are high-quality boxes and provides an attractive finishing for the display of the product.

Cardboard flat pack boxes

Cardboard flat pack boxes are one of the commonly seen and mostly used packaging solutions. This is quite famous across fields and industries. You will be amazed realizing its significance when it comes to the protection of the items and the easiness when shipping.

Electronics, furniture and equipment manufacturers who sell their products choose a packaging solution which can ensure that their products can be flat packed for easy transportation. These flat boxes come in different sizes to fit in to different type of furniture and equipment. If you dig a little deeper you can find out more about these flat pack boxes and their uses online.

Corrugated cardboard custom boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are another basic type of custom boxes. They look and have features almost similar to the standard cardboard boxes, but still differences could be pointed out. One of the main differences of the corrugated cardboard box comparing to the ordinary type of cardboard packaging material is that it is twice in thickness.

It does also provide great protection, especially for fragile items during transportation. Consisting traditional cardboard layers, this protects the shipping products even in extreme weather conditions as well. So, this type of custom boxes makes the shipping process easy as well.

Custom cartons

Custom cartons are another type of custom boxes. These are also called as foldable boxes. These types of boxes are well known for excellent packaging. The popularity of foldable carton boxes has made a huge impact and has almost changes the whole concept of packaging solutions.

They possess that kind of uniqueness because of the durable material which they are made of. This make them survive for long period of time. Another important thing about the custom cartons is that you can customize them into various sizes and shapes according to the needs of the products.

These are the main types of custom boxes used as packaging solutions. Use of them has become quite common because of the protection they deliver and each type could be used for various purposes.


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