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How To Come Up With Great Ideas For Your Digital Advertising Clients

Have you been feeling like you have gotten stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to providing your clients with really great ideas for digital advertising? That is not unusual and you are most certainly not alone. The pressure of meeting tight deadlines more often than not, with minimal notice is something that cripples the best strategists anywhere. What you need to pay attention to is not why you have encountered this block but how you can overcome it and come up with really great concepts that will go on to win the masses. Here are some great tips that will help you get through those rough patches and come up with an idea that is singular as it is exemplary.

Learn From Your Competition

One of the best teachers that you will ever have is your own competition. Look around at the campaigns that are faring well and see what they did to get there. Ask around and get the help of friends and colleagues to brainstorm about the ideas that are racking up and see why you should incorporate their level of creativity in your own ideas. Do not borrow directly from those campaigns because a campaign is unique only because it has not been done before and you copying will only make you look like a rip-off. But make sure that you do not look past the important parts of the campaign that other web marketing agencies used to get to the masses and learn from it. Your competition is your best teacher.

Look For Inspiration In Daily Life

Looking for inspiration can be tricky for sure. Often this is because we tend to look for inspiration in the wrong places. If you have a client for example, who wishes to sell their product that is a painkiller for headaches, don’t go looking for inspiration in corporate profiles. Sure that can be all your research and background information but nobody will connect with a campaign that just sounds rehearsed and mechanical. Instead turn to your daily life for inspiration. What would you do when you have a headache? What will you turn to? How will a family member in pain need help? What do the majority of humans do when they have a headache? What are the biggest issues with the pain relieving products that are in the market today and why is this product that you are designing the campaign for, any better? That will be your inspiration and your foundation for a killer campaign.

Don’t Sweat It Too Much

Next, don’t really try to stress too much about the fact that you have hit a bit of a creative block. It happens to the best of us and just as it comes, it passes. The more you dwell on it and worry about it, the longer you will feel the impact of it on your work. Feeling down? Read a book. Listen to music, read something inspiring, reconnect with yourself and just watch the magic happen.


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