Business Strategies For The Busy Tradesman

You consider yourself a good tradesman because you know your job well; you have the credentials for it plus several years of work experience. You are confident with your abilities and you are convinced you are up to par with your competitors.

You have excellent communication skills. You implement the latest techniques in your trade and you follow the trends when it comes to your industry. Your customer service is exceptional but still, you find your business struggling to have new and repeat customers. Now, it is time to employ some business strategies for the busy tradesman.

Create And Maintain A Website And Social Media Accounts

Similar to you, most of your clients are busy and would not have the time to pick up the phone to call for every little inquiry. And since most of the errands and business transactions are done online, your potential customers’ first action would be to search for you and your business online. If you don’t have a website where your products or services are clearly described and enumerated, these customers would try to do their business elsewhere. They would prefer a company that has a website with a gallery of products offered, a page of testimonials and reviews and a contact form. Having a running and updated website is not enough. You have to respond as soon as possible as well once you receive inquiries from your website and social media accounts. Social media accounts are necessary because it is a way for you to be connected with your clients. Announcements for discounts and promos could also be posted on these social media accounts.

Develop Your Brand

Having a website and social media accounts are not enough to develop your brand. You have to look at it on a wider perspective. How do you want your customers to be reminded of you? What things or memories do they associate to your company? There are several ways you could develop your brand such as having a professional looking business card, or having tarpaulins and billboards across towns, or participating in community outreach programs that are important to your target market. If you have no other ideas about how you could develop your brand, hire tradesman business coach services. They could help you create a foundation and vision on where you want to take your business and your brand.


Collaborating with other businesses is another effective way to promote your business especially if you collaborate with a company that is already established and well known. Collaborate with companies that are in the same industry as your business but not your direct competitor. Say your business is construction. Partner with a supplier of building materials. If a customer comes inquiring regarding a contractor your partner could recommend you and vice versa. You could refer your clients to purchase their material needs to your supplier partner.

There are numerous ways you could do to help your business be more successful. Some would require minimal effort while some would demand more of your time and attention. No matter what business strategy you employ, you have to remember that at the end of the day, the quality of your work is the best business strategy you could make use of.


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