All about Physiotherapy

Physical therapy, also known as Physiotherapy, is a branch of health care that deals with physical injuries and movement-related issues in the human body. Hence, a physiotherapist’s expertise lies in the joints, muscles, cardiovascular, and skeletal systems. Aside from treating injuries, physiotherapists also promote healthy and active living, improved quality of life, and can be consulted for advice on sports and other physically intensive activities such as athletics and exercise. Physiotherapy is most recommended after injuries that have lasting effects on the movement of the body, or surgeries that affect our movement. Common examples are car accidents, hip replacements, and spinal injuries. Physiotherapy is used to treat almost every mobility-related ailment from muscle sprains to physical disability. Physiotherapy is a deep subject with many specialities including cardiovascular, which specialises in the treatment of patients with respiratory and heart relation issues, neurology, which focuses on the nervous system and recovery from spinal injuries, and sports which focus on the injuries that occur due to athletics. More extreme examples include people recovery from spinal injuries or comas and must re-learn basic motor functions. These treatments are provided and facilitated by physical therapists.

Applications in Sports

Athletes often require physiotherapy due to the injuries they accumulate by playing sports and pushing their bodies to the limit. Most professional athletes and sports teams have retained the services of trained physiotherapists as their dedicated staff to provide their services to the players. Sports physiotherapists are specifically trained to identify and treat injuries that occur due to sports. They are also trained to diagnose issues that may lead to serious conditions early before further activity deteriorates the athlete’s condition. Sports training centres and clubs also retain the services of physiotherapists to treat their customers in the event of an injury. Sports physiotherapy providers may also operate out of clinics to offer their services to athletes who may not have their own physiotherapists or to cater to the general public and novice athletes. Sports physiotherapy Geelong is an example for such an organisation.

General Physiotherapy

In addition to treating chronic injuries and athletic physiotherapy, people who are interested in an active lifestyle or require medical assistance related to physical therapy over a longer period can consult a physiotherapist as well. This is especially common among those who actively exercise or are amateur athletes who may be looking for expert advice on the best way to care for their bodies, regarding nutrition, distribution of weight, stance and posture, etc.

Relationship with Patients

Physiotherapists are expected to have a longer-term relationship with their patients in order to treat them better by understanding their bodies and lifestyle. They are also credited with improving their patient’s knowledge in the field by working with them and involving them in the advisory process. The consultation can also be valuable to patients who suffer from both physical injuries as well as conditions such as stress and anxiety. Research has shown that physiotherapists who cultivate more holistic interpersonal relationships with their patients produce more consistent results as well as improve overall satisfaction among clients.


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