A Guide to the Most Fashionable Coats and Jackets of All Time

While coats and jackets are not an essential piece of clothing, they are quite useful either in adding that extra flair to your outfit or in protecting you from the harsh cold weather. Whatever the reason, you should have a few coats and jackets stocked up in your wardrobe for such fashion emergencies.

To help you choose which coats and jackets you want to purchase, here are some choices that are both fashionable and practical:

Trench coat

A classic from the days of the war, trench coats are usually made up of cotton, leather or poplin. Their length varies from mid-thigh to mid-calf and are a unisex fashion piece. Trench coats are still very much in style and give that great boost to your regular casual clothes.

Pea coat

Another timeless piece, the pea coat has a boxy look that sits right below the hips. It’s made out of wool and is double breasted. As it is made out of wool, it is a great piece of clothing to keep oneself warm and away from moisture during the winter.


Cloaks are sleeveless coats that flair out from your shoulders. Capes are also in style but are a much longer version compared to cloaks. These are generally worn during the winter. The length of cloaks varies from hip length to knee length and are generally worn out to more formal events and gatherings. However, it does work beautifully as an extra piece for your casual outfit as well.


A type of jacket that is not for the winter but for the rain; the windbreaker is an essential in your closet. It provides resistance from the rain and wind. Worn by both men and women, windbreakers are seen commonly being worn by joggers and outdoor workers.

Shearling coat

A little on the expensive side, shearling coats are durable and tougher than normal jackets and are worth every penny. They last a longer time, and add class to your outfit. They can keep you warm even during the coldest weather all while making sure you are still in style.


They are more of a light outdoor piece rather than a piece that keeps you warm. First starting off as a men’s piece, blazers have now become a unisex fashion piece that are generally worn during work or meetings.


The go-to casual slip-on piece; hoodies are light and comfy. It is worn by almost everyone and usually stop at hip length. They come mainly in 2 types; as the front zip up type or as a pull over. They are made out of a thicker material to help keep out the cold.

Bomber jacket

Also known as ‘flight jackets’, these were commonly worn by pilots during the time of war and have now been included as a fashionable style of jacket. As they were initially designed to provide warmth, they are mostly made out of leather.

These are just a few of the large variety of coats and jackets out there. Look into the different types and choose one which suits your purpose and your fashion sense.


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