2021 Winter Fashion Trends in Australia

Freezing, cold, wet, gloom. These are all words many of us associate with winter. Aussie weather is already quite unpredictable as it is, and winter is on a whole other level. So, say good-bye to your sunflower patterns, cute skirts and crop-tops and get ready to cover up and layer up in the cities, suburbs and good old outback Australia.

You need to keep warm and cover up that neck and chest to keep you from catching the flu or even a chill. But you don’t want to look like an ugly turtle when you do. In addition to all this, winter tends to feel like the longest and slowest season. In contrast to where the trends come in, winter may be slow but the fashion industry is always moving fast down under. I have outlined the top winter-wear trends in Australia this year:

Knit Dresses

Long, knit dresses are totally in during the Aussie winter this 2021. It is definitely one of the easiest looks to get together. You just need to wear the dress, add on some classy jewellery and you are ready to take on that blistering cold. Make sure to go for the maxi or midi length, this will give you more than enough coverage and even accentuate the shape of your body. No wonder this has made it to the fashion list this year!


Nope, not just any old boots. Chunky lug sole boots to be specific. You can get them in a variety of colours. From dark black to brown and even white. Winter is anyway the season that many people stick to dark, earthy or neutral tones. You could even wear a full white outfit with black chunky boots, and the contrast will give you such chic look. Make sure to get the boots that go up to the ankle, knees or mid-calf lengths to complete your winter outfits.

70s & 90s Jeans

We are rolling all the way back to the 70s and 90s with these winter pieces. Did you think boot-cut jeans died? Well, think again, boot-cut jeans made a huge comeback this year in the Australian fashion market. You can get them in shades of blue, black or white. In addition, 70s high straight jeans made the cut this year, we are seeing quite a few oldies this season! Ensure you have a quality pair for optimum protection from the freezing weather. I would recommend heading on over to a Levis Australia store to get a pair of jeans for your money’s worth.

Collared & Coordinated Knitwear

As you can see the 70s are making a real return in the 2021 winter season. This modern take on knitwear includes wearing a collared knitted blouse or dress to keep you warmer during the colder months. You could even amp it up on the trend scale and go with a coordinated collared knitwear set to really make your mark in the fashion game this year. For instance, you could style a sage green set, with some dainty gold jewellery, brown lug sole boots and add on natural make up for a date during this season while remaining completely on trend!

Be prepared to beat the icy weather and look good while doing it!


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