Tips in Choosing Toddler-Friendly Toys

Children learn a lot through play and exploration. Aside from giving them the freedom to experience the outside word more, giving them the right toys also help a lot in encouraging their development through play. Every child has their own preferences when it comes to toys – some prefer blocks, stuffed animals, pretend play, and many more.

If you have a toddler, choosing age appropriate toys can be quite a challenge because of so many factors that needs to be considered such as safety, shaping development, and a lot more. To help you out, here are some quick tips on how to choose the best toddler toys for your little one.

Go for Open-Ended Toys

Toddlers love to do different things with their toys while they play. One of the best features to look for when buying toys for toddlers is being open-ended. This means that these toys can be played with in a variety of ways.

For instance, wooden blocks can be stacked up or formed into different structures such as buildings, bridges, and many more. Open-ended toys can spark up your toddler’s imagination and helps develop his or her creativity and problem-solving skills. Check out baby stores near you and be amazed on how much open-ended toys you can choose from.

Choose Toys that Encourage Imagination

Imaginative play is an essential part of toddler’s learning. The older your child gets, the more he gets the concept of imaginative play through role-playing. Some examples of toys that encourage your child’s imagination are dress-up clothing, action figures, doctor play set, and a lot more. For instance, your child can take on the role of a doctor and do some check up on his or her stuffed animals.

Pick Toys that Look Like Real Stuff

Although your child would love to play with toys like balls, cars, blocks and others, letting him or her play with toys that look like real stuff at home is also a great step in encouraging their development. During this age, your child is more curious than ever and is excited to be able to do the things that you do as well.

Allow them to play with real stuffs at home such as broom, plates, utensils, light switches and many more. If you’re still not confident to let them explore much, you may want to give them toys that look like the regular stuffs used at home. Aside from helping them develop their motor skills, you are also helping them build confidence by teaching him how stuffs work in the real world.

Chose Toys You Can Play with Your Child

Playing with your little one fosters communication and improves your bond with each other. For older toddlers, you may want to try cross-generational toys such as puzzles or board games and play together with them. Aside from helping them in their mental development, it also teaches your little one on how to be a good sport when playing with others.

Choosing the right toys for your toddler is an essential step in helping him develop his skills and attitude which matters most.


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