Tips in Choosing the Right Meeting Venue

Planning meetings can be daunting and challenging especially when it’s your first time doing the task. Aside from the planning itself, choosing a venue also requires a lot of careful consideration to be sure that the meeting will be a successful one. With so many meeting venues out there, picking one for your upcoming event may be confusing. Here’s a simple guide on how to pick the right meeting venue for a successful event.

Consider the Budget

Just like any other events, the budget is one of the basic factors to be considered when choosing a meeting venue. Set a specific budget and find venues that fall within your range. There are lots of ways to cut off on prices and save money for the venue. Try booking in advance or set your event during price off days so you have extra money for other expenses on the event.

Pick the Right Location

The location of your meeting venue also plays a crucial role in its success. Consider the attendees when picking a location. Make sure that it is readily accessible to most or possibly all of the attendees so they won’t have a hard time finding the venue. Be sure to check if it is accessible to public transportation and if there are nearby accommodations for attendees who live out of town. Check this out for the best meeting rooms Geelong for your event.


If you’re the meeting planner, you’ll definitely have an estimate on how many attendees there is. Choose a venue that is just the right size for your event – not too big or too small. A venue that is too big makes your event look like lots of attendees failed to show up. On the other hand, too small venues aren’t comfortable for the attendees especially when they don’t have enough space to move around.


Technology is an important part of every meeting today. Before booking a venue, be sure to know whether they have the complete amenities you need such as speakers, projectors, microphones, kitchen facilities and other stuffs needed for the event. Also, make sure to pick the right seating styles and arrangements. For example, if you’re expecting your attendees to use a laptop during the event, it would be more convenient if they can provide seating with desks.


On-site support is important in every event. You definitely have a lot of things to handle during the event so you’ll really need lots of assistance when it comes to giving out meals, technical support, security, concierge, and many more. It would be great if they are offering on-site technical support for presentations so that everything goes smoothly.


If the event will run for a few days, finding a venue with on-site accommodation is a great choice. Staying near the venue is definitely convenient for both you and the attendees as well. However, be sure that all the essentials can be provided on-site or by nearby establishments.

Choosing a venue wisely is important for a successful meeting. Keep those things in mind to be sure you pick the right venue for your event.

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